5 Helpful Tips for Shipping Freight

5 Helpful Tips for Shipping Freight

Before reaching out to a carrier, here are five things to know that will help you make better shipping decisions.

  1. Transit Times

Unless specified, LTL transit times are not guaranteed. Typically, your freight will travel on a large networks of trucks moving through distribution centers. With many moving parts and pieces, congestion can happen, so your freight may move quickly or slowly through the network. Therefore transit times are often given in ranges, for example 3-4 days. If you need guaranteed service, make sure you specify with your carrier.

  1. Truck Dimensions

The most common truck use for freight shipping is a 53’ dry van. It’s helpful to know the dimensions of a 53’ van, so you can be sure your freight will fit. Typical dimensions for a 53’ van, is 53’ long, 99-101” wide, and can fit freight up to 105”. Keep in mind there are two different types of doors on a 53’ trailer, which will determine what you can get in the truck. Roll up doors have a typical width of 96-98” and can fit freight 102” tall, while a swing door has a typical width of 99-101” and 105” height. If you have tall freight, make sure you know which type of truck is coming to pick up.

  1. Freight Dimensions

It is important that you accurately measure your freight’s length, width, and height. The price to ship your freight will depend on the dimensions you provide. Once your carrier pickups up your freight they often will remeasure it. If they measure different dimensions than you provided, they will charge you the difference as well as a fee for updating the shipment with the new dimensions. See our video about measuring dimension here.

  1. Assessorial(s)

An assessorial is an extra service you need to complete a pickup or delivery. An example of an assessorial is a residential pick up or delivery. This is a special service because most trucks pick up and deliver to a loading dock. Since residential addresses don’t have loading docks, a truck with a lift-gate will be needed. A lift-gate is a floor on the truck that can be lowered to the ground and raised up to lift freight up to trucks door. Some other assessorial services include inside delivery, additional labor, debris removal, after hour deliveries.

  1. Cut Off Times

When it comes time to schedule a pickup, most logistics providers have a cut-off time for the day for standard service. If you call in after the cut off time, your pickup will be scheduled for the next day. Every carrier is different, so if you need a same day pickup, make sure you contact your carrier early to ensure it can be picked up.