As a company, we are only successful when our customers know their freight is taken care of. Not just that it’s on a truck, plane, or ocean vessel, but that the people handling the transportation are invested, paying attention, and care about the delivery. This is how Ark was built. Our customers are people who depend on reliable, consistent service so they don’t have to worry about shipping and can focus on their core business.


As a family-owned company, we value our customers and are proud that for over 20 years, we have been a trusted partner for companies and their freight. The logistics industry demands 24/7 availability and our customers know they can always get help when needed. From taking calls at 3am to ensure a shipment was delivered to a trade show in Germany, to recovering freight from another carrier who couldn’t deliver on their promise, we’ve seen it all.


Our full range of capabilities, from local deliveries in any major city in the world to chartering a plane across the Atlantic, is what gives us the flexibility and versatility to meet the demands of our customers. Our goal is to be a trusted arm of your logistics team that can always  bring a solution.  At Ark, we think shipping is exciting and our passion for helping others is our motivation. Let us know how we can help.