When you exhibit at your next event, travel light

How Brand Garage Works:

1. We'll pick up your event stuff

Our shipping team will get your brand assets picked up and ship them into your garage space in our warehouse.

2. Share your event schedule

We'll touch base when you have an upcoming event and make sure the brand assets you need are available and ready to go.

3. We'll ship to and from your events

Once we confirm your event needs, we will schedule and ship your brand assets to the show, and we'll pick it up when its over!

What You’ll Get:

Small event logistics brand garage ark transportation Cleveland, oh

No more lugging cases!

Ark’s team will ensure that your displays and marketing material will be on location when your event starts, and will be there at the end of your event to so you can travel light.

Centralized Storage

Eliminate the hassle of searching for your portable displays. Brand Garage provides a centralized location for storing and managing all your small event brand assets when not in use. From portable display cases to marketing materials, giveaways, and swag, everything is stored together and can be easily requested according to your event needs.

Small Event Logistics Brand Garage Ark Transportation Cleveland, Oh

A Dedicated Shipping Team

Ark has been shipping to live events and trade shows for over 30 years, so we understand how and when shipments need to arrive. Our team will book all your shipments to and from the event, and is available 24/7 to answer any questions you, or your team, may have.

Inventory Management

Stay informed about which physical brand assets you have available for your upcoming events. Brand Garage’s inventory management software lets you effortlessly view images and quantities of stored items at any time. Should you require additional swag or handouts, have your vendors ship directly to your garage so that you will always be ready for your next event.


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Brand Garage FAQ

How much does it cost?

For standard portable cases (10 x 10 pop up), we have a simple per case charge that is billed monthly. The first case is $50/month, and any case after that is $20/month. The first month will be prorated based on when the assets arrive. If you have oversized stuff or a collection of small boxes, we’ll get you a custom quote based on your needs.

Where are my brand assets stored?

Your brand assets will have dedicated space inside of the Brand Garage warehouse at Ark Transportation, which is a large steady temperature warehouse in Strongsville, Ohio. Ark’s location is equipped with loading docks and drive up bays to easily load shipments for events, removing the needs for extra assessorial charges. They will be stored in the crates, cases, boxes, or on pallets that we received them.

What if I don't live nearby?

No problem! Ark works with brands located across the country, and will coordinate moving your assets. Ark’s location in North East Ohio is a great hub for shipping, with quick service to many major cities and convention centers. The facility is equipped with loading docks and easily accessible for trucks and vans, cutting down on shipping costs that can be associated with non-dock facilities.  Also with the backing of Ark, we have competitive shipping rates and an experienced team that ships to many events a year.

Do I have access to my garage?

Through our inventory app, you will always be able to see what you have in storage. If you’d like to come in person, just give us a heads up when you want to come and we can have someone available on-site to let you in. If you’re not in the area, we can set up a video call for you to see your items.  Normal business hours are 8-6 but after hour access is available if needed.

How do we get our assets to the garage?

During your onboarding process we will catalogue all the assets you would like to send to storage. Our shipping team will then schedule the pickup and delivery to get everything moved.

Can my print vendors ship to my garage?

Of course! If you are running low on marketing material or give-a-ways, your vendors can send them directly to your garage where they will be added to your inventory.

Do I have to set up my own shipments to/from events?

Brand Garage is built on the back of Ark Transportation which has been providing event logistics for over 30 years. Our shipping team will do all the scheduling and booking of your shipments based on your event details both to and from the event.

Can I track my shipments?

You will be provided up to date tracking information for each shipment so you can be confident when travelling to an event.

What if I want to cancel?

If you want to cancel the service, just let us know by phone or email and we can arrange a time for your assets to be picked up or shipped. 30 days is needed to finalize your cancellation.

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