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Ark truck providing expedited shipping
Expedited Shipping Air Freight

Expedited Service Levels

Plane Charter

Ark (NFO) Next Flight Out

Exclusive Truck

Exclusive Van

1 Day / Overnight

2 Day / Economical

3 Day / Standard

Customer’s needs can change quickly, so a shipment can become urgent for many reasons. When this happens, you need a transportation provider that is available to help and can provide you with expedited options to meet your deadline. This is where Ark shines, whether you have a simple or complex problem, we can help.


Ark is an asset-based IATA air freight forwarder and a licensed DOT carrier. As a result, we have the flexibility to utilize any transportation mode you may need to meet your expedited shipping deadline.


Need an Expedited Shipping Quote?


Contact Ark 24/7 at (800) 536-6088 or quotes@arktrans.com

Expedited Details

Plane Charter: Exclusive plane access when unique and specialty situations arise.


NFO/Next Flight Out: This is the fastest possible solution for time-critical shipments. Note: Shipments are delivered in hours


Exclusive Vehicle/Truck or Van: From a cargo van to a 53″ tractor trailers for custom critical shipments.


1 Day/Overnight: Delivered by 5pm the next business day.


2 Day / Economical: 2-Day service alternative, therefore will arrive by 5pm the second business day.


3 Day / Standard: Delivery by 5pm the third business day. Note: 74% of all Ark 3-day shipments deliver in 2 days. 

Additional Pickup & Delivery Options

Early AM: Handled by 9am


AM: Handled by 12 noon


By 5: Handled by 5pm


Special: You pick a specific time


Sat: Handled on a Saturday


Sunday & Holiday: Handled on a Sunday or Holiday


Residential: Picked up or delivered to a residential address


Convention Hall or Hotel: Pickup up or delivery to a convention hall or hotel


Inside Delivery: Requires pickup or delivery of freight inside a building


Liftgate: Requires the use of a liftgate truck


2 Man: Requires the use of 2 agents


FCCOD & COD: Require monies to be collected before delivery can be completed


Other: Custom service upgrades as needed