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With decades of experience, Ark’s truckload division can help move your volume freight seamlessly. With an ever-changing shipping landscape, a partnership with Ark gives you honest, accurate information, so you can get your freight moving and spend less time shopping around. 


Ark’s services include Full and Partial Trucks, Trade Show and Exhibit, Specialty Vehicle, Asset and Non-Asset Sourcing, Constant Load Monitoring, North American Border Crossing, with 24/7 Availability. 


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Truckload Details

Full Truck: For shipments requiring a full 53′ trailer


Partial Truck: For large shipments that may not need the entire 53′ of trailer space


Trade Show and Exhibit: Ark has over 20 years of experience moving truckloads in/out of shows and convention centers


Specialty Vehicle: For shipments that will not fit in a standard trailer or needs temperature control


North American Border Crossing: When your shipment is going to Canada or Mexico, Ark can provide options and facilitate customs clearance