Exhibit and Trade Show Shipping

Trade show planning is full of stressful tasks, your freight arriving on time shouldn’t be one of them. With each show having unique shipping requirements, having a partner who knows show protocols is critical. Ark’s team will work with you and your show coordinator to ensure your freight is shipped on-time. Ark ships to over 500 shows a year and has over 25 years of experience working with convention centers across the globe as a trusted trade show shipping partner. 

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Trade Show Shipping Services

Transportation Planning: Ark can work with you to plan and coordinate your show-to-show schedule for your entire trade show season to ensure your exhibit will be where you need it.


Expedited Services: To make sure your freight lines up with your shows demanding schedule, Ark’s expedited services can provide you with options to get your freight to a show quickly.


Force-Freight Management: Shipping with Ark will keep your freight in your control and make sure you can get it in/out of a show at your schedule.


Promotional Material Handling: Ark can handle full exhibits, but can also coordinate getting your promotional material to the show when you need it.


Advance Warehousing: With TSA secure facilities across the globe, Ark can hold your show freight until the next show is ready for it.