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Ark’s Supply Chain Solutions are designed around your business.

Supply Chain Solutions Focused On:

  • Reducing Transportation Spend
  • RFQ Transportation Bids
  • Increasing Efficiency for Shipping Processes
  • Purchasing and Procurement Strategies
  • Standardizing Processes for Multiple Locations
  • Warehouse Planning
  • Distribution Modeling
  • Growth Projection Planning
  • Technology Strategies
  • Fleet/Carrier Optimization by Lane
  • Vendor Management and Rate Negotiations
  • Customer Success Strategies
  • Planning and Budgeting for Projects
  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Logistics Evaluation for M&A

Ark’s Process:

Sales, Inventory, & Operations Planning



SIOP can result in a 14% increase in
operating margin, a 4% increase in gross
margin dollars, a 55% reduction in inventory
write-offs, a 17% increase in new product
revenues, and a 35% reduction in lost sales*.



*According to Aberdeen Group








Forward Progress:
Logistics & Supply Chain


79% of companies with high-performing
supply chains achieve revenue growth greater than the average within their industries.*



*Per a Deloitte Survery
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For over 25 years Ark has partnered with companies to implement best practices and deliver value to our customer’s supply chain.

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