What is a Liftgate Shipping Service?

What is a Liftgate Service?

A liftgate service is an assessorial service, which is an extra service you request for freight pickup or delivery. When you ask for a liftgate assessorial, what you are technically requesting is a truck with a liftgate on it, which is a special piece of equipment which attaches to the back of a truck and its main function is a lifting/lowering platform. It usually sits hidden on the back of the truck, but once its activated it can drop down to street level, and then raise up to the trailer bed.  

When should you request a liftgate?

The short answer is anytime you do not have a loading dock for pickup or delivery. This could be for residential addresses, strip malls, or at an outside event. A liftgate can drop the freight in a driveway, parking lot, or just about anywhere the truck can access that has a flat surface for the liftgate to operate properly.  

Important Details:

Liftgates can range in width from about 80”-89” and depth from about 30”-70”. Most LTL carriers will have a depth a least deep enough to handle a standard 40” x 48” pallet. They also range in lifting capacity, usually from 1500 – 3500 lbs, so make sure to verify with your carrier that their equipment can handle the weight of your freight, otherwise, you may need to look into other options.   

If you do need a liftgate service, remember to tell your carrier when you book your freight to ensure they send out the proper truck. If you need any help with shipping and logistics, contact Ark for a qoute. Ark specializes in freight movement via air, truck, and ocean.