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Cleveland’s Quicken Loans Arena is undergoing a $185 million makeover which will make way for, among other things, the 2022 NBA All Star Game.

If you haven’t seen the architectural renderings, a new 42,530 square foot addition with an exterior glass facade will wrap around the north and east sides of the building along Huron Road and East 6th Street.

Ark Transportation Ltd. of Middleburg Heights was contracted to receive, warehouse and transport the 1,475 glass panels to the construction site. An Ark representative confirmed that they received nearly 1.3 million pounds of cargo from 33 full ocean containers. Each container has 39,000 pounds, including the glass panels and the wooden crates protecting them.

With the glass panels ranging from 8 to 13 feet long, it would be safe to say that the total length of the panels lined up back-to-back would be well over 2 miles long. That would be a glass path stretching from Quicken Loans Arena to Cleveland’s Steelyard Commons south of Tremont.

A recent update from The Q Transformation Project’s website noted that the project will add 77,000 square feet of glass to the exterior of the arena.

The video above includes renderings of how The Q will look when the project is completed.


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