For over 20 years Ark has been providing transportation services to customers worldwide. Ark’s team has developed partnerships across industries to deliver improved value in our customer’s supply chain. Applying the knowledge of our long history of multi-modal experience helps you successfully, plan, deploy, and manage a customized solution for your specific need. The continual monitoring and benchmarking of our internal operations ensure you receive the most cost-efficient delivery of your supply chain solution.

A Logistics Solution to Meet Your Needs

Ark’s Connect Program provides a complete logistics solution and puts you in full control over your supply chain. Providing an end-to-end solution, using a combination of our own logistics resources and strategic providers to create a custom a-la-carte solution for your specific needs.


Ark’s connect program gives you the advantage of working with a stable partner, and the opportunity to leverage the industry knowledge and expertise Ark has been providing to customers for over 20 years.


With the ability to integrate with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), we can work with your team to build a service offering tailored to create real change and add new value to your business with end-to-end visibility and control.

The Benefits of Choosing Ark Connect

Strategic Value


  • We act as an agent for change within your organization
  • Enhanced visibility and control of your supply chain will enable performance improvements across your company
  • Your supply chain is transformed and will be better prepared to meet your ever-changing business needs
  • Global requirements are balanced with local demands for a more responsive supply chain
  • Direct point of contact with your account specific supply chain specialist
  • Service levels are improved (On Time In Full (OTIF), on-shelf availability)

Financial Value


  • Your logistics costs are controlled as your operating costs in warehousing, transportation, procurement, and labor are properly forecasted
  • Key perfomance indicators (KPI) reporting for cost-benefit analysis
  • Order cycles are shortened, inventory is reduced and your working capital is lowered
  • Your fixed capital costs are cut as your assets are used more effectively and your network becomes more flexible and productive

Commercial Value


  • Our relationship will be based upon a long term partnership
  • As a supply chain partner, we will share both the risk and the rewards through clear incentives and target agreements
  • Complete cost visibility leads to more accurate financial logistics planning and accountability across the entire supply chain