SEMA Shipping

SEMA Trade Show Shipping

Need your exhibit or show freight shipped to SEMA? Ark Transportation has a dedicated team of shipping experts with decades of experience shipping exhibits and freight to SEMA. With the ability to pickup anywhere in the country, Ark can handle your shipment and answer any questions you may have about shipping to the show.

2018 SEMA Show Dates and Location

The 2018 SEMA show is October 30th-November 2nd  at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The convention center is located at 3150 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

SEMA Shipping FAQ’s

What information do I need to get my freight in the show?

You will want to know your booth number, as well as your assigned freight target date which is assigned by SEMA. (Find here by clicking on “Target Times – When Your Freight Must Be at Your Booth” on the left) Your assigned target date is the date your freight needs to arrive at the convention center if you are shipping directly to the show. If you want to ship early you can ship to the show’s advance warehouse (details in next answer)


When do I need to ship to make sure my freight gets to the show?

The 2018 SEMA show is October 30th-November 2nd. To ensure your freight is at the show, you will want to contact SEMA to get your assigned freight target date. Once we know your assigned date we can give you the best parameters to ship. You can also ship your freight to advance warehousing between September 22 – October 19, 2018.


How should I crate or prepare my shipment when going to a trade show or advance warehouse?

Your material will be handled by forklifts and moved on trucks, so you should ensure that you have a well-built crate that can withstand the handling. Also, package your materials expecting movement during transport. If you need crate building guidelines, let us know and we can send some over.


Who will handle my freight once it is at the convention center?

Every show has a contracted material handler that will take your freight from the convention center docks to the show floor. They are the only people allowed to move your freight which will be specified in your MHA (Material Handling Agreement) with SEMA. You are responsible for shipping your freight to the show’s convention center docks (or advance warehouse) and to ship your freight from the show back to your desired location.


Do I have to use the transportation company they recommend?

Most shows have a contracted company they can recommend for freight shipping. You do not have to use this company and can use the freight carrier of your choosing.


Can Ark ship my freight out of the show?

Ark can also provide shipping services out of the show once the show is over. Your shipment can go either back to your facility of choice or to another trade show. Once the show is over, Ark can also provide warehousing space if you need to temporarily store your freight. If you do not select a carrier to ship out of the show, your freight will be forced out by the convention center contracted carrier, usually at a very costly rate.